Breathe easy! 5 features your inhaler should have

Facts | 2/26/2019
Breathe easy! 5 features your inhaler should have
Are you happy with your inhaler? An inhaler can be an everyday accessory when you live with asthma so it’s important to find one that’s the right fit for you and your needs.

Just like no two people are made alike, not all inhalers are the same. But studies have shown that people who are happy with their inhaler have better control of their asthma. Which means that finding an inhaler you like is an important step in treating your symptoms. While it may not be easy to select an inhaler, there are a few features to look for while working with your medical provider to find the right fit. After all, an inhaler is of no use if you don’t use it!

1. Right for you

While there is no ideal inhaler, studies have shown that there is such a thing as the ”right” inhaler for the ”right” patient. In the past, doctors may have suggested switching between inhalers but actually having several devices available may just lead to confusion. Instead, it’s a good idea to find one inhaler that suits your various needs. 

2. Easy as pie

Even the most confident among us might be using our inhalers incorrectly. While wrong habits are hard to break, selecting an inhaler that is easy and intuitive to use could help you find the proper technique and increase the efficacy of your medication.

3. Designed with you in mind

The shape of inhalers has certainly changed as companies work to make them both easier to use and more reliable. While the inhaler’s size and shape might make it easy to carry along or pocket for whenever the need arises, paying attention to other elements, like the shape of the mouthpiece, can help you find one that is easy and comfortable to use.

4. A clever countdown

Nothing’s more frustrating than reaching for your inhaler and finding there is no medication left inside. That’s why a dose counter showing how many doses you have left is a handy guide to ensuring you always have the treatment you need when you need it.

5. Reliable and efficient

Being able to rely on your inhaler is vital to managing your asthma. You need your inhaler to work for you, possibly even in freezing temperatures or after accidentally dropping it. But most of all – a good inhaler will ensure you always get a consistent dose.



By Courtney Tenz

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